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10607 Beamax M-Tensioned Electric Screen Model: 10607

210cm x 118cm Beamax M-Tensioned Electric Screen - 16:9 Aspect Ratio - Matte White surface with a Gain: 1.5 - Model: 10607

10607 Beamax M-tensioned electric projector screen 220×128 16:9
If you are really serious about projection screens, then you know how important a flat projection fabric is.
When it comes to retractable projection screens, there is no screen that can offer you the same level of planarity as the M-tensioned series.

- Easy installation through flexible placement of mounting brackets on the aluminium case
- Perfect image because of projection surface with tensioning cords
- Wrinkle-free surface through use of the ALR (Anti Leathermark Roller)

Aspect ratio: 16:9
Viewing area: 210cm x 118cm
Overall Size: 220cm x 128cm
Diagonal: 241 cm
Fabric type: Matte White
Gain: 1.5
Seamless projection fabric: yes
Top border: (max. 100cm)
Black borders: yes 5cm
Black back: yes
Motor side: Right
Case size: 11.3×12.0×252 cm
Packaging dimensions:
Case colour: White (RAL 9016)

The lateral tensioning system is designed with one sole purpose:
creating a flat projection area. In combination with the weighted lower bar, you get a 4-way tensioning system. With a fabric that is as flat as a pancake, you are guaranteed to see all your movies in their full glory.
No distortion, no waves, just the image as it is supposed to be.

To make sure the M-tensioned screen is just the projection screen for you, every single M-tensioned is made to order (so now you know why they are always out of stock). This allows us to make sure you have the right screen for just your room.

If that room happens to have high ceilings, there’s no need to worry. M-tensioned screen can have a top black border of 100 cm (40″). This top black border allows you to mount the screen close to the ceiling and still have it at the right viewing level

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